Сванская соль + Смесь орехов и трав
Kitchen Ceremony is a story about how to turn cooking into a ceremony where the pleasure is brought by not only taste, but also a process esthetics.
Our mood and thoughts depend on what surrounds us. We believe that beautiful things can motivate and inspire us. For example some new wide plates can awake thoughts about serving special dinner with close friends. And a jar of spices can cause a desire to experiment and cook something new. At the same time, cook with feeling, turning the whole process into a ceremony, which you will necessarily want to share with someone.

The combination of style, technological effectiveness and traditional methods of production makes our products truly unique

Special glass packaging
In order to preserve the taste and aroma of spices such as when grinding we use a special dark purple glass. In it, the product is preserved better than in any other type of packaging. Our bottles let pass only that part of the solar spectrum that allows the product to retain all useful properties. Behind this is a whole science - biophotonics. The technology of production of such glass is developed and patented in Switzerland, where we buy it.
Traditional manufacturing
Our spices are collected manually in ecologically clean mountain villages of Georgia by small family farms. They are mixed according to recipes that have been kept for centuries by families. The exact formula and the proportions of the ingredients are kept strictly confidential.
Organic product
Raw materials for our spices are grown in ecologically clean regions of Georgia. We use only one-year-old spices that are grinded just before shipment.